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Monday, October 7, 2013

Felix and Oscar, Inc

Springfield, VA 22150

After introducing Gray Muzzle for Senior Dogs, We challenged our retailers to create their own "Best in Show" Senior Department! We’re proud to announce that our September Winner is Felix and Oscar, Inc in Springfield, VA! Check out their fabulous Senior Department below and if you’re in the Springfield, VA area, stop in and take a browse around their store!

Felix and Oscar, Inc

6671-A Backlick Road

Springfield, VA  22150

Ph:  703-866-0222


If you’re a retailer interested in joining the fun,

Enter Now to be our October winner!

Contact for more information!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Below is a great article we found from the Naples Daily News about the Senior Pet population growing in shelters and how adopters are urged to adopt older animals. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013, Naples Daily News

Pet adopters urged to consider older animals as more are being given up

By Sue Manning


LOS ANGELES – Sunny was 16 when she was left at an animal shelter by the family she had lived with all her life. The 75-pound bulldog-pit bull mix had cancer and infected eyes, and shelter workers figured the family probably couldn’t handle the medical costs.

 “She was so sad and depressed, lethargic, sick looking. She wouldn’t even lift her head for a treat,” said photographer Lori Fusaro, who was taking pictures of old dogs at the Los Angeles shelter that day June 2012.

Those who rescue and care for old pets say it seems more are being left at shelters for health reasons and more owners are facing personal age or health problems and can’t keep their pets.

Fusaro, 44, always had avoided adopting older dogs because she didn’t think she could handle it when they died. Sunny changed her mind. “no old dog should be left to die along, unloved and brokenhearted on a concrete slab in a strange place,” she said.

That day, Fusaro adopted Sunny and started making plans for “Silver Hearts,” a photo book of old dogs she hopes will encourage people to consider such animals. She plans to turn proceeds over to rescue organizations that save aging dogs.

When she took Sunny home, Fusaro figured she had a couple of weeks, perhaps months at most. She never imagined Sunny would live long enough to be part of “Silver Hearts.”

But Sunny rebounded and soon was eating, playing and loving trips to the beach. It’s been over a year and Sunny is 17 now. Fusaro’s book is about 80 percent finished. She used shelter dogs, dogs of friends, Facebook, Sunny and her other dog Gabby. To photograph dogs for shelters, Fusaro has to spend time with them, play with them,. And put them at ease, said Jan Selder, director of field operations for Los Angeles Animals Services. If people don’t get hooked on the photos, they won’t come in to the shelter to see any pets, Selder said.

Abby was an old, blind cocker spaniel when animal control found her on the streets of New York seven years ago. At the shelter, she just stood in a corner and barked. She was deemed unadoptable and put on the euthanasia list. An adoption organization took her from the rescue and called foster worker Val Sorensen in Stratford, Conn.

At home, Abby stood in place and barked because she didn’t know where to go. It took three weeks of bumping into walls and doors to learn her way around, find her food, how to get to the backyard and how to get petted. Sorensen said she had to remember not to leave anything in her path.

“After three weeks, she started wagging her tail. If you open a jar of peanut butter she will come running from the other room,” Sorensen said.

Sorensen jokingly refers to the dog these days as Ancient Abby since she’s between 16 and 17 now. She’s slowly going deaf but she has yet to miss any peanut butter.

Sorenson is co-founder of Wigglebutt Warriors, a fundraiser for rescues. The group’s primary fundraiser in 2014 will benefit Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Newington, VA., which helps old and special needs cocker spaniels.

“Adopting a dog that is deaf or blind doesn’t mean they won’t still have a great quality of life. I wish more people would adopt older or special needs dogs,” Sorensen said.

Patrice deAvila of Portland, Ore., has always adopted older and medically needy cats.

Persian cats Murphy and Newton were 6 when she got them two years ago. They came from an abusive home. Murphy has half of his tail cut off, which caused neurological and hip problems. Newton, a feral cat, lived behind the stove for nearly three months before he decided to come out. “We are still taking baby steps, but last week, he allowed me to pet him. I hope he can be a lap cat in six months,” she said.

It’s hard to say goodbye to any of them, but every once in a while, you lose a soul mate, she said. For deAvila, that was Oliver, who was with her nearly five years. “He met me at the door every single time I came home. If I was crying, he would reach up with his paw and touch my tears. He always slept on my shoulder. He had respiratory issues and would snore and snort all the time. For a long time, I couldn’t sleep because it was so quiet without him,” deAvila said. She does it because it is the right thing to do, she said. A kitten likely will get adopted, but the older cats will be put down.

Fusaro agreed, even though the time will come soon when Sunny will break her heart. “I want her time here to be as happy as it can be. I didn’t want to open my heart for that kind of pain but how much sadder and more horrible for me would it be to leave her at the shelter. It will be terrible to lose her but much worse to leave her to die alone.”

Photographer Lori Fusaro hugs her two dogs, Gabby 10, left and Sunny 17, at Playa del Rey in Los Angeles. Fusaro is working on "Silver Hearts," a photo book of old dogs. She plans to turn proceeds over to rescues that save old dogs and also hopes the book will encourage others to adopt old dogs.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chow Hound Pet Supplies

Grand Haven, MI!

After introducing Gray Muzzle for Senior Dogs, We challenged our retailers to create their own "Best in Show" Senior Department! We’re proud to announce that our August Winner is Chow Hound #9 in Grand Haven, MI! Check out their fabulous Senior Department below and if you’re in the Grand Haven, MI area, stop in and take a browse around their store!


Chow Hound Pet Supplies

628 N Beacon Blvd

Grand Haven MI 49417


If you’re a retailer interested in joining the fun, Enter Now to be our September winner!

Contact for more information!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Fayetteville Observer posted their review on the Gray Muzzle brand!

Is 15 the new 10 in dog years? All-natural Gray Muzzle brand helping senior dogs with aging

New Vet-Recommended Soft Chews Line Created By All-Natural Pet Care Pioneer Ark Naturals

If 60 is the new 40 in human years, then why shouldn't 15 be the new 10 in dog years.

Recognizing that dogs - like their human companions - are indeed living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before, a new brand of delicious vet-recommended soft chews called Gray Muzzle has just been introduced specifically to enable senior dogs to retain or recapture levels of heart, joint and cognitive health which they enjoyed in their youth.

The most comprehensive senior-specific remedy products of their kind on the market, Gray Muzzle is the result of years of research into the specific formulations best able to help turn the canine clock back on the physical and mental effects of aging among all breeds and sizes.

Unlike other products labeled “for senior dogs” that in reality feature re-purposed and re-branded non-senior formulations, Gray Muzzle very specifically addresses such vital age-related concerns as joint discomfort, heart function, cellular metabolism, blood flow, and canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD). 

A standalone brand created by all-natural pet product leader Ark Naturals, Gray Muzzle is sold exclusively at independent pet and natural product stores, as well as via select etailers, at a MSRP of $13.50. Manufactured entirely in the U.S. in USDA-APHIS approved facilities, all Gray Muzzle products are free of wheat, corn, yeast, and soy, as well as artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The Gray Muzzle family of health and longevity products include:

  • Old Dogs! Happy Joints! for improved mobility and flexibility. Ingredients includeGlucosamine HCL (a shellfish source) to help build synovial fluid that creates space between the joints and keep cartilage from rubbing bone on bone; Fish Oil (Omega-3) components to help reduce joint discomfort; and Turmeric, an Ayurvedic herb from India used for thousands of years to help reduce the pain caused by sore joints. Contains 90 bite-size soft chews.

  • Heart Healthy! Wags Plenty! for improved heart health. Ingredients include Taurine, an amino acid that has beneficial effects on the heart and cardiovascular system; L-Carnitine, another amino acid that benefits the heart and has been shown to have a remarkable effect in the cellular metabolism of dogs; and Egg Albumin, which contains excellent sources of vitamin B6, B12 and riboflavin and helps regulate blood volume. Contains 60 bite-size soft chews.

  • Brain’s Best Friend! for improved cognitive function in older dogs evidencing signs of CCD such asconfusion, pacing, anxiety, staring into space, or inability to recognize family members. Ingredients include Fish Oil (Omega-3), which helps brain function; Vitamin E to protect cells and prevent free radical damage; Resveratrol, containing antioxidant properties that promote healthy brain activity and function; and Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), which plays a significant role in making proteins and neurotransmitters that carry signals between the cells more effective. Contains 90 bite-size soft chews.

Far more than a brand of products, Gray Muzzle is committed to educating consumers and retailers on how best to care for an aging dog. Among Gray Muzzle’s primary objectives, for example, is encouraging pet store managers to create special Senior Canine Sections where consumers can readily find and compare the best products for their older animal companions (much as all-natural or organic products are conveniently grouped in many mainstream supermarkets).

In addition, Gray Muzzle is actively touting the benefits to middle-aged or older consumers of adopting a senior dog who is already well-behaved and well past the exhausting puppy-training phase.

Commenting on the launch of the new Gray Muzzle brand, Susan Weiss, President of parent company Ark Naturals (and a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council), said, “As a result of advances in pet care, many dogs are living well past the average life expectancy for their breed. Gray Muzzle was created to benefit those dogs who may chronologically be considered senior, but who aren’t at the end stages of their lives. The response to the brand among retailers and pet owners has been extraordinary, and we’re very proud to be helping dogs and humans alike get the most out of life every single day they’re together.” 

About Gray Muzzle – An Ark Naturals Company
Introduced in 2013, Gray Muzzle is dedicated to keeping older dogs healthy so they can enjoy many of the activities they enjoyed when they were younger. Gray Muzzle offers exhaustively researched formulations to help senior dogs regain their youthful physical, cognitive, and emotional health and well-being. A pioneer in creating the natural pet category in the 1990’s, parent company Ark Naturals today is the leading manufacturer of premium-quality health, remedy, and lifestyle solutions for pets from head to tail. For more information, please visit or

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