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Pet Testimonials (20)

Lucy has great success with Happy Traveler

Our little Lucy has had bad luck everytime we took her in the car, including the day we brought her home. I was at Thiesens to get some things I needed, and just happened to go down the pet isle, when I spotted the bottle of Happy Traveler. I read the label and it sounded good and it was not expensive, about $8.00, but I got 30 pills and she only needed 1. A few days later, I had to take her to town to be groomed. I gave her one pill and we left in about one hour. I took her to town, had her groomed, then we drove home. She was very alert and she did not have any other issues! This was a first. We are going to be able to take her for rides now. What a wonderful product. Thank you for such a good product Ark Naturals.

 Linda W.


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Boston and Luna - Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker!

We have been using your Flea Flicker Tick Flicker all season long, this was the first time using it, and both of my dogs have not had any fleas or ticks hitch a ride on them. My one dog will sit outside for hours and the other seemed to always be a tick magnet. We live on the edge of a state forest and years prior we were picking ticks every other day off our dogs. Thank you for such a wonderful product, we especially like not having to use some chemical that was messy and a pain to use. Your product is so easy to use and smells good also.

Ryan, Boston and Luna [...]

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Skippy-Sea Mobility is a FABULOUS product!

Hi! I want to thank you for the Sea Mobility Joint Rescue, or to be more specific, my 11-yr-old Boston Terrier, Skippy, would like to thank you!! He had joint discomfort and Rae Ann, owner of Harold's Pet Treats in Tulsa told me to try the Sea Mobility - she said it was the super-duper glucosamine stuff. I give Skippy one every day. After 2 or 3 months, I noticed he was much more chipper! We also have a 2-yr old shelter dog (Boston Terrier and Jack Russell) and I give her one every day, too. Skippy doesn't have any problem scampering after her. FABULOUS product![...]

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Selina-Joint Rescue is Fabulous!

Selina is a 12 year old poodle mix and has some joint discomfort because of her age and I give her Joint Rescue Super Strength and also "Sea Mobility" Joint Rescue and you would think she is 2 years old! It has helped her so much. Before she had trouble sitting and now she sits quickly and happily and can run and play again like when she was younger. I highly recommend these products.[...]

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Pumpkin - Thank you Ark Naturals!

This is Pumpkin. He was a rescued cat about to be euthanized. I saw him just in time and convinced the shelter to allow me to adopt him. He had a lot of health issues and was going down hill fast. The first thing I dealt with was the severe loose stool. I began giving him "Ark Naturals Gentle Digest" and began to see improvement. He is now a very active, healthy boy. Thank you !!![...]

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